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Physical Therapist
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No Referral Needed!

Our Goals Are Simple:


We Provide

Focused 1-on-1 Therapy in a Private Rehab Studio

No Crowds. No Waiting.

Faster Results.

We treat the root cause of physical pain, weakness, and dysfunction. From daily aches like tension & arthritis to more severe cases like fractures, muscle tears, & surgical recovery. 

L. Weaver - San Benito, TX

"Dr.Martinez is hands down the best!! His healing hands , knowledge, profressionalism, and passion for his craft are beyond words... Our daughter had a hip injury and had a big dance comp. Dr. Martinez worked on her and had her comp ready after ONE session."
Back Pain Relief

Personalized Attention

Focused 1-on-1 Care

Our mission is to deliver the best physical therapy experience on the planet, and we accomplish that by placing your needs and goals first. You will be our only priority during each session and we can guarantee your concerns will be addressed each time.

Our Services

Weight Lifting

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00am-Noon

Athlete/ Off-Schedule Hours Available by Request

(Based on need and if schedule permits)

"A physiotherapist has the brain of a scientist, a heart of a humanist, and the hands of an artist.”  – Unknown

American Physical Therapy
Best Physical Therapy
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Olympus Physical Therapy

Contact Us

No Referral Needed!

Call or Text: 956-520-2685


Fax for New Referrals: 956-707-3895

Come Visit Us in Our Private Rehab Studio!

601 N. Vermont Ave.

Ste. 116

Mercedes, TX 78570
Proudly Serving the RGV from the Mid-Valley region of TX

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