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Physical Therapist


Physical Therapy

Our goals are simple: Fix Pain. Improve Functional Mobility. Optimize Health and Physical Performance.

Our base clinic is situated in Mercedes, TX, for those able to make it, we encourage you to take advantage of our unique equipment and private rehab studio.

Olympus PT also offers mobile services! We travel to you if needed to relieve pain and regain function fast in the comfort of your home, office, or gym space.


Our innovative approach to physical therapy can help you change the way you move to keep you doing what you love.

How We're Doing *

Average recovery in 3.8 visits

Average of 1.6 visits per week

Average cost is under $500

Physical Therapy for Back pain
PT for shoulder pain
pain relief physical therapy

No unnecessary long-term treatment plans. We discharge or convert to a wellness approach as soon as our patients are ready so they can get back to doing what they love.

Save time and money with a detailed plan and exceptional care. We base frequency on your presentation and response to care.

Our patients come out on top with our unique approach and pricing strategies that save massive amounts of money in the long run.

* These clinical stats apply to our non-surgical and single-region PT patients. Surgical procedures and conditions with multiple body parts involved require longer time and consistency to recover.

Physical Therapy for back pain

Personalized Attention

Outstanding Quality

Premium level care with individualized programs and advanced manual therapies.