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How We Operate

Return to Function Sooner

*Average of 1.8 Visits Per Week

Cost Effective Care &
Flexible Pay Options

Physical Therapy for Back pain
PT for shoulder pain
pain relief physical therapy

Patients report major changes within the first 3 visits! No unnecessary long-term treatment plans. We discharge or convert to a wellness approach as soon as our patients are ready so they can get back to doing what they love.

Save time and money with a detailed plan and exceptional care. We base frequency on your presentation and response to care. We utilize a faded program schedule where the amount of times you come to therapy decreases as you improve.

Our patients come out on top with our unique approach and pricing strategies that save massive amounts of money in the long run. Save over 37% with us compared to market standards for PT. *updated 2024

* These clinical stats apply to our non-surgical and single-region PT patients. Surgical procedures and conditions with multiple body parts involved require longer time and consistency to recover.

About Us

Movement for Life

Olympus Physical Therapy was founded in 2021 by Dr. Jon Martinez as a passion project to offer mobile PT to patients who had difficulty leaving their homes related to COVID precautions. Thanks to the support of our amazing patients and clients the company rapidly grew, and by 2022 we were able to open our first brick-and-mortar clinic to provide 1-on-1 care to more patients per day (by eliminating travel time).


Our clinic offers a comfortable, clean, and private environment without crowd exposure to safely care for our clients. Our patients come from all over the valley (and even from other states) so we strategically situated ourselves in the Mid-Valley (Weslaco-Mercedes) to cut commute times for our patients on either side of the Valley.


We take pride in our thorough and holistic approach to help patients achieve their goals quickly so they can get back to doing what they love without being limited by pain or dysfunction. PT is our passion and each patient is a "VIP" in our eyes, this led us to create a treatment model that provides premium-level services in a stress-free rehab environment. We can assure you will receive the highest standard of care with the time and attention you deserve.

We understand even scheduling can be difficult when it comes to therapy so we developed a concierge appointment style that allows us to focus on you with less stress and no hidden scheduling fees. Contact us or schedule an appointment to learn more about the wide variety of services we offer to accelerate your recovery and see how we're doing PT differently.

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